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Suhi Devi Temple

सुही देवी मंदिर -चम्बा शहर से ऊपर की ओर निर्मित यह मंदिर बलिदान का द्योतक है। रानी सुहि राजा साहिल वर्मन की पत्नी थी। रानी के पुत्र योगकार ने इस मंदिर को अपनी माता की स्मृति को अपनी माता की समृति में बनवाया था। रानी ने चम्बा शहर में पानी उपलब्ध हो पाया। रानी को बलिदान के बाद सुही माता के नाम से पुकारा गया। चैत्र माह में रानी की याद में अब भी मेले का आयोजन होता है। सुही देवी का यह मंदिर गुम्बदकार है और चारों तरफ से खुला है। गोलाई में छ: खम्बे लगे हैं जिन पर गोल लकड़ी की छत है। सुही माता की प्रतिमा पूर्व की ओर मुख किए है तथा कपडे में लिपटी है। प्रतिमा के ऊपर पीतल का कलश है।

Maa Suhi Devi Temple:- Suhi Temple and the legends that adhere to it are as old as the Chamba town itself. The Suhi temple is situated on an elevation of shah-mandhar hill in the east of the town. According to an old story Chamba was in very difficult conditions due to water. Water is not easily available in Chamba.

The Charpat Nath Yogi said to Rani that one member from the king's family have to sacrifice if they want to bring water in Chamba. The same night, Rani Sunayana , wife of Sahil Verman, had a dream that only if she sacrifices her son ,husband the state and herself. Water would flow into the channel. Finally Rani decided to sacrifice himself for bringing water.

In the morning , She wended her way up to the spot near the village of Maloona. Where a grave was dug and she buried her self a live. The legends goes on to say that when the grove was covered with stones and earth. Water began to flow. Later on Sahil Verman constructed a small shrine on the spot where his wife, Rani Sunayana laid herself to rest.

Every year on 15 April a huge fair is organized. During the main fair held on 1st baisakh, women and girls sing songs Raja build stairs from Raj Non to Rani temple and it is a way to reach Rani Temple. In the state-time the expenses of the mela were borne by the Raja's of their period. However, after the merger of states, the fair is celebrated under the supervision of Nagar Parishad, Chamba.

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