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Khajj Naag Temple (CHAMBA)

The construction of this temple began in the 10th century AD and is reflected in the architecture of the temple that exhibits a mix of Hindu and Muslim style. Located in the district of Chamba, this temple is considered significant and is visited by pilgrims regularly. The interiors of this temple have idols of Lord Shiva along with Goddess Hadimba.

Khajjiar is very famous for Kajji Naga Temple, which is in close proximity to the famous Khajjiar Lake. The temple stands decked with a golden dome and spire due to which it is known as ‘Golden Devi’ temple. It dates back to the 12th century AD shrine dedicated to Naga- the lord of serpents and you will always find numerous idols of snakes at this place. This temple has a perfect blend of Mughal and Hindu styles of architecture as reflected in the wooden carvings on the ceilings and wooden posts.

History of this temple
This temple is one of the oldest and religious temple of Chamba districts this temple was built during 16th century. In this temple there is an idol of Naag Raj which is known as God of snake are placed. There is an interesting story related to this temple, it is believed that about the beginning of the 19th century, in front of this temple there is a natural lake is present and people want to destroy or remove the water of this lake and want to make a beautiful ground there, but when they started their work then from this lake there came a big snake and people are afraid, after that there is an idol of Naag Raj is placed. The architecture of temple is so beautiful it is completely made of the stone and its roof is made of the slate in v shape, in temple there is three separate room are present in the middle room there is an idol of Naag Raaj and on the left side statue of Lord Shiva and on the right side there is a statue of Mata is placed, and on the back side of these room there are so many photos of different Gods are present.

Nearby places
There are so many visiting places around this temple, there is a beautiful natural lake is present in front of this temple where you can enjoy the boating. Around this lake there is big ground which is surrounded with deodar tree. About 200 meter from this place there is temple of Jagdamba Mata temple is situated and in front of this temple there is a statue of Lord Shiva is present which is about 85 feet in height and polished with bronze solution. This place is also known as Mini Switzerland of the India. In this place you can also enjoy Horse riding and Para gliding and other adventures of fun.

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