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Bansi Gopal Temple

This temple is also of shikhara style and is situated in the vicinity of Chamba palace. This famous Hindu temple is dedicated to Lord Krishana whose image holding a flute is enshrined with Radha. In copper plate of Raja Balbhadra issued in A.D. 1595, mention is made of this temple.

The occasion of the issue of the copper plate grant was the conservation ceremony performed by the King at the temple of Gopal now called Bansi Gopal. This shows that some repairs or renovation had been done to the temple and the completion of the work occasioned the ceremony.

It is indicated in the inscription that the donated village was formerly granted by Ganesh Verman to a Brahman named Rama. The entrance gate of the temple depicts Ganga and Yamuna standing holding a vase.

A curious feature of the temple is the depiction of amorous scenes of Khajuraho type on the exterior of the temple. In the niches outside the temple are depicted various deities, including Surya, Hari-hara, lord Krishna with flute, lord Hanuman, lord Mashishasuramardini, lord Anantasayi Vishnu, lord Vishnu with three faces (those of hanuman, a lion and a boar), lord Uma Maheshwara, lord Narsimha and lord Varaha.

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