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Siddh Yogi Charpatnath Temple

सिद्ध योगी चरपटनाथ मंदिर- रावी नदी के किनारे चम्बा नगर में स्थित मंदिर धार्मिक दृष्टि से महत्वपूर्ण है। गुरु चरपटनाथ ने मेरु वर्मन को अपने राजगुरुत्व से सम्मानित किया था। प्रसिद्ध मणिमहेश यात्रा जो मिंजर के 15 दिनों के बाद इसी कुटिया से शुरू होती है। इस यात्रा में चरपटनाथ की विशेष छड़ी और स्मृति चिन्ह जाते हैं। मान्यता है कि प्रसिद्ध मणिमहेश झील के किनारे पिण्डी को सव्यं चरपटनाथ ने प्रतिष्ठापित किया था।

lso known through various legends as Siddh Charpaṭ-nāth, Karpaṭī-nāth, Pacarīpā and Charbaripa, the Natha Yogi Charpat Nath is traditionally recognized as one amongst most distinguished Siddhas of the Natha Sampradaya.

It is uncertain if his name is derived from the Sanskrit word carpaṭa, which can be translated either as ‘the ears lying flat to the head’ or the open palm of the hand or carpaṭī- ‘thin biscuit of flour’. In accordance with some lists, he is counted not only as being one from the Eighthly Four Great Siddhas, but also as one of the Nine Nathas.

There exists numerous legends about him, although many of them more resembling the fairy tales, then the reliable historical testimonies. Out of the some accounts mentioning him and from the analysis of his works, it appears clearly, that as the historical personality, he was the realized Yogi of the Natha Panth, who has attained the State of the enlightened Siddha Yogi.

His guru was either Gorakh Nath or Matsendra Nath, the different sources disagree at this point, but the tendency is to show him as the direct disciple of the Guru Gorakh Nath, rather then his Guru Bhai (while Tara Nath mentioned him as the guru of Matsendra and Mina Natha, which can’t be true). In the verse one of his book Charpat Nath Shataka, which is recognized as the authentic work, Charpat Nath himself revered the Guru Goraksh Nath as his guru: ‘srigoraksam natva devam’.

The medieval popularity and the influence of Charpat Nath is supported by the mention of his name in HYP amongst the names of other realized Mahasiddhas. He also mentioned along with some other Great Siddhas in Sidh Gosṭi, the book forming the part of Shri Guru Granth Sahab, as having the conversation with the Sikh Guru Nanak Dev.

However, even in the sight of this obvious high status of the Siddha Charpat Nath amongst the Natha Yogis, amongst the Twelve Sub sects of the Natha Sampradaya there is not exist any pant in his name. However if we accept him as the guru of the Siddha Naga Arjuna, who is traditionally associated with the Raval Panth, then he could be counted as one of forerunners of this Panth.

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